Right Arm Development Corporation

Right Arm Development Corp (RADc) is a leading IT consulting and contingent staffing firm that blends business and industry insight to deliver exceptional results through a dedicated, highly-skilled and solution-oriented culture. RADc consultants bring years of experience in project delivery, program management and implementation to your tasks. They are knowledgeable and resourceful, and they are committed to doing the job right in a way that makes sense for your business.

Right Arm and Your Success

At RADc, we know that your company's success depends on its people and successful use of technology. Selecting the right people with the right qualifications takes time and resources that often cannot be spared. As your custom development partner, RADc offers employers access to a team of highly-skilled Microsoft Certified technical professionals, saving you time and money. We share your sense of urgency and our goal with every client is to be responsive and flexible, so you can focus your resources on running your business.

We focus our efforts on understanding your project objectives. Once we have detailed information about your needs, we can begin to provide solution ideas and provide the required skills and capabilities needed to complete projects on time and within budget. As a Development firm specializing in the IT industry, RADc can help you build world class systems with world class technical and professional resource. resource.

Our History

RADC was founded in 2008 from a merger of several ex-Microsoft employees and contractors, with the goal of uniting strengths in client relations, technology solutions and employee development. RADc is a web-based technology centric consulting firm with expertise in developing enriched custom websites leveraging HTML5, CSS3, C#, SQL Database, contract consulting, program and project management, and custom development to solve sophisticated business challenges.

For more than a decade, RADc consultants have focused on core values such as delivery excellence, technology expertise and strong operational metrics that differentiate us from the competition. We're proud of our track record of client success and the reliability and predictability that we demonstrate on each client engagement.

Chris Dengler, Chief Technology Officer

Chris Dengler, Chief Technology Officer

Chris was formerly a Senior Software Design Engineer with Microsoft Corporation and one of the two original architects and developers of what became known as Web Services / SOAP, introduced in .NET, now being used on billions of devices worldwide. He travelled widely with Bill Gates, Microsoft's Chairman and Chief Architect and other senior Microsoft executives introducing the concept of Web Services at high profile technical conferences and venture forums such as TechEd, Comdex, and more.

Chris' work is found running in many large corporations and infrastructures commonplace across all industry segments, such as Sony, Verizon, Volkswagen, Trans World Entertainment Corporation, Honeywell, US Airways, Costco, PetSmart, and American Express to name just a few.

Chris was the Chief Software Architect for US Airways, completing the total reconstruction of usairways.com back end infrastructure, design and function as well as a complete new front end. Combined, it was US Airways' first attempt of Service oriented Architecture (SOA).

Chris also created the architecture for Microsoft's internal "Idea Generation Tool" called "Greenhouse". The Greenhouse idea was delivered directly to Steve Ballmer and then cultivated through various teams based upon Chris' architecture and idea.

He has held numerous CTO, architecture, and VP positions throughout his career, obtained his Microsoft Certified Solution Developer credentials (MCSD) in 1998, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance / Accounting.

Elbert Yee, Sr. Finance Accountant and Business Development

Elbert Yee, Sr. Finance Accountant and Business Development

Elbert is an entrepreneur to the core. He brings his clients over 20 years of management consulting, tax and accounting discipline, real estate sales, and the Internet of Things (IoT) product development. As a former Enrolled Agent (EA) with the Internal Revenue Service he has owned and managed a tax and consulting firm advising clients in income tax compliance, start-up business implementation, and development of business systems, policies and procedures.

Elbert has also developed skill sets in the areas of creating new businesses, product development, marketing policies and strategies, and real estate sales and investment.

Elbert has earned the ability to translate the “big picture” into the “here and now” while providing structures and systems to manage daily detail and tasks to achieve executive directives and priority objectives.

The implementation of stochastic and iterative processes has allowed Elbert’s creative and entrepreneurial drive to create cutting edge and innovative products and services. His most interesting and recent business venture focused on a conceptual design to embed a select number of “Internet of Things (IoT)” network of physical objects in to a professional hi-fidelity electronics device.

Elbert holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from a California State University (SSU), and a year of courses from Golden State University toward a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Bob Neumiller, Project Management

Bob Neumiller, Project Management

Mr. Neumiller has over 27 years of experience in the high tech sector. Bob's early years were spent with EDS, Safeco and King County Medical as a technologist, programmer analyst and Senior Business Analyst. In the early 90's Bob transitioned into the consulting sector where he took a position as a Manager at Ernst & Young LLP (E&Y). The years at E&Y were spent working in the mobile phone industry, most notably AT&T Wireless. Bob left E&Y with the title of Senior Manager and gained significant knowledge of running a consulting practice.

After spending many years as a business consultant both from a technology perspective and a business management consulting perspective, Bob took a Practice director position with BEA Systems located in San Jose California. During his 4 years at BEA, Bob took a fledgling practice and within a year grew it to be a profitable practice that generated over 20 million in revenue per year. The practice went from 1 consultant to over 30 the first year and from 1 client (Amazon) to over 70 during his tenure at BEA. Bob was awarded 3 years running the All-star award for having the top consulting practice in the US from both a revenue and employee satisfaction perspective.

In late 2001, Bob needed the challenge of starting up another Consulting practice and took the position of VP of Global Services for Insevo, based in Pleasanton California. During the first year of the new practice, sales increased by over 150% and the staff grew from 3 consultants to over 50. Additionally, Bob grew his Consulting Partners from zero to over 20 worldwide.

In 2005, Bob joined forces with Chris Dengler to start up Right Arm Development. Bob's expertise in practice management, engagement management, partner relationship management, program and project management is important to the success of Right Arm Development.

Tim Custer, Data Architect

Tim Custer, Data Architect

Tim Custer has worked in the software industry since 1991. After 5 years as a developer at Microsoft, decided to that if his career was going to go anywhere, he was going to need to know other [than Microsoft] technologies.

Tim is a Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL expert, and soon became a data architect for many technologies. He has performed many services for Microsoft Corporation, as well as other well known corporations throughout the North West.